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Reach Your Personal Best With Geelong Chiropractic

You’re In Good Hands With Your Geelong Chiropractor

Geelong chiropractor, Dr Hannah Pickford (Chiropractor) is passionate about providing chiropractic care with a sports and nutrition focus. She helps her patients prevent injuries, recover faster, and perform better with an expert, holistic approach to healing and health through chiropractic wellness.

“We are all about maximising human potential.”

For those who have never embraced the benefits of chiropractic solutions before, we can assure you that we offer
each of our patients, a very gentle, thorough and personalised approach. We provide a relaxed and safe
environment whereby patients can receive the very best in chiropractic care.

Complete Care at Geelong Chiropractic

Hannah and her team offer a comprehensive care plan, which is specifically formulated to suit each patient’s
particular needs and preferences. We utilise a broad-based, completely natural approach to patient care.
We not only treat the patient’s complaint, but also aim to improve their long-term quality of life by
addressing any lifestyle and nutritional habits, which may be compromising their wellbeing.

“We are not just about facilitating an adjustment to the body, but rather an adjustment to your entire way of living.”

Choose a Life of Optimal Health Today

To begin your journey to maximum health today, take the first step by contacting Geelong Chiropractic.
The team will be happy to answer any queries that you might have about chiropractic care.

Call your chiropractor in Geelong today at (03) 5229 5620!