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Dr Kirby Laurie (Collins)


Dr. Kirby Collins

Special interests:

  • Chiropractic Neuro-Developmental Paediatrics
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning (OPM) for Pregnancy
  • Retained Primitive Reflex Testing
  • Sports Chiropractic
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK)
  • Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT)
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • Dry Needling

Dr Kirby’s Story

Originally hailing from Portland on the South West coast of Victoria, Dr. Kirby joined Geelong Chiropractic in 2020 and brought with her 10 years of professional experience as a Melbourne-based Family and Sports Chiropractor.

Dr Kirby’s devotion to working with pregnant mums and children is where her expertise shines. Having completed an extra two-year postgraduate diplomate in Chiropractic Neuro-Developmental Paediatrics, her knowledge in this field brings a new level of care to Geelong families. Although she sees newborns through to adolescence, she has a particular interest in working with kids with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD, ADHD and learning difficulties. She has knowledge in the field of retained primitive reflexes and brain balance exercise therapies.

Sports Chiropractic is also one of Dr Kirby’s great passions, and her dedication to helping athletes reach their goals through expert Chiropractic care and applied functional movement techniques is second to none. As a previous national and international Crossfit athlete, Dr Kirby has first-hand knowledge of how vital it is to give the body ongoing care and treatment to perform at a peak level.

When she’s not in the clinic you’ll find her being a supermum to her two step kids, baby boy and her fur babies, or hanging with her husband.

Dr Ursula Maher


Dr. Ursula’s Story

Chiropractic has been an intrinsic part of Dr Ursula’s life since birth. As a baby, a Chiropractor helped to treat her colic and feeding issues. And now as an adult with her own babies benefiting from adjustments since birth, Dr Ursula is using her 20 years of Chiropractic wisdom to help a whole new generation and their families maximise their health potential.

Dr Ursula has always had a sparked interest in how the human body moves, thinks, heals, and thrives. She is drawn to Chiropractic for its unique ability to combine the physical, chemical, and emotional elements of healthcare to treat problems holistically, working in tandem with other modalities for the best results.

Dr Ursula doesn’t just treat patients like friends, she treats them like family. From the quick calls and texts to school pickup tips and tricks, she always makes herself available as your go-to healthcare supporter and wellness cheerleader.

New to the Geelong area, Dr Ursula discovered Geelong Chiropractic and instantly knew it was the right team for her. She saw a collectively shared dedication to helping patients feel great, and a close-knit and supportive team driving each other to be the best practitioners who deliver the best results.

With her Irish heritage and a few musical bones, Dr Ursula can spring into a traditional Irish dance at a moment’s notice, play a ditty on the tin whistle, and a sonata on the piano!


Dr Florence Drummond

20240405_132315 (1)Chiropractor

Dr. Florence’s Story

Dr Florence’s captivation with Chiropractic is a story that began to sprout in her childhood. Severe hip dysplasia landed her on the operating table for surgery, and recovery set her on a knowledge-gathering journey about the human anatomy and physiology. As she grew, so did her interest in biology, and through competitive badminton and netball, Chiropractic became her new goal.

Studying Chiropractic in the UK, Dr Florence’s eyes were opened to the undeniable link between our health and our surroundings, calling for an approach to wellness that goes beyond what’s visible within clinic walls. Her ethos towards wellness has nestled in perfectly with the diverse and supportive team at Geelong Chiropractic.

Driven by the complex and evolving knowledge of the human body, Dr Florence aims to inspire every patient to learn about how their body works. For Dr Florence, reaching your goals isn’t an occasional visit to ‘fix’ the ‘problem’. It’s a combination of the right support, disciple, time, and effort to help you reach goals you never thought were possible.

A former South Coast UK native, Dr Florence has rediscovered her roots on the stunning beaches of Ocean Grove where she soaks up the beauty and benefits of the Bellarine.

Sean Hermann

Exercise Physiologist – Personal Training


Sean’s Story

From the green scenes of Colac, via the warm rays of Maryborough, and finally settling in Geelong’s regional neighbour, Ballarat, Sean Hermann has now come to join the ranks at Geelong Chiropractic as our resident Exercise Physiologist.

Sean’s flame for exercise physiology was ignited as a high school student, where he completed his work experience at a private practice rehab clinic and saw firsthand how exercise and movement could help heal and empower people.

Eager to pursue a career in the field, Sean went on to study a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Masters of Exercise Physiology, where he took every opportunity presented to him and gained a wealth of experience across two rehabilitation wards and private rehabilitation practice. Through these opportunities, Sean put his education to use and began evolving his unique treatment approach to help prevent and manage injuries, support rehabilitation, and assist in restoring function to people’s bodies, health, and wellbeing.

Sean is a self-confessed sports fanatic and plays football for his local club in Carisbrook, as well as teeing off on the greens at golf, bowling a spinner at cricket, and hitting the nets at basketball. His love for sports and physical activity plays into his intuitive ability to support others in their physical goals.

He has always wanted to move to Geelong and close to the beach, and he barracks for the Richmond Tigers, which may be the reason for his delay in moving here due to the unspoken conflict (which we won’t hold against him). He’s ready to get your body moving to the best of its ability!

Kathryn Jenkinson


IMG_1828Special interests

  • Myotherapy
  • Dynamic cupping and Dry needling
  • Pain management

Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn’s story begins in regional NSW, where she first fell in love with both music and the inner workings of the body.

Completing her Cert IV in Massage Therapy along with her Bachelor of Music (Classical Voice), Kathryn learnt how to take the intuition of music and apply it to the way she treated her massage clients. Her musician colleagues were all too happy to reap the rewards of her vocal talents and healing hands alike!

Kathryn’s love for bodywork and its ability to manage pain, treat ailments, and help in the natural healing process, whisked her from the NSW country to the Victorian big city to pursue a Diploma of Remedial Massage and an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy at RMIT in Melbourne.

After 6 years of clinical experience working alongside osteopaths, neuro-physiotherapists, gyms, and yoga studios, Kathryn now brings her practised hands (and singing voice) to Geelong, where she joins the team at Geelong Chiropractic in bringing unrivalled patient care to the community through a client-centred approach.

Kathryn’s thirst for a deeper understanding of how the body moves has led her to currently be completing her Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology to bring a new level of treatment plans to her clients.

An adventurer at heart, you can find Kathryn and her dog, Pippa, trying out new activities and exploring our beautiful region at every chance she gets.

Brooke Hedley


Brooke Hedley

Special interests

  • Myotherapy
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Rehabilitation exercise

Brooke’s Story

Brooke’s journey to Myotherapy was born from a long-held fascination with the human body’s ability to function, adjust, and heal. From her hometown of Wonthaggi, Brooke’s pursuit of a community to call home has drawn her to the team at Geelong Chiropractic. Completing her Diploma of Advanced Myotherapy at RMIT in 2015, Brooke has developed a treatment style that combines techniques designed for pain reduction and injury prevention so her patients can get back to their best quicker and stay that way longer.

Brooke’s hands-on approach to treatment and her in-depth discovery process with patients allows her to identify causes of pain intuitively in an individualised way for each patient. The trusting and comfortable relationships she forms with her patients allow her to educate and empower through goal-oriented exercise and preventative care towards a pain-free movement that lasts.

Brooke’s specialty fields include deep tissue massage, cupping, dry needling, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage (for oedema, post-surgery/injury, and hay fever) and rehabilitative exercises.

Never turning down the opportunity to get her body moving and explore the elements, Brooke’s regular haunts include the gym, hiking in the Grampians, surfing the local swells, and refuelling at new and exciting local restaurants.


Amanda Blyszak

Remedial Massage Therapist

AmandaAmanda’s Story
A lifelong devotee to the power of bodywork as a source to finding balance within the mind, body, and soul, Amanda’s connection to massage therapy runs deep.

Amanda has spent her career learning the complexities of the body and the different approaches to healing by experiencing treatments and absorbing the knowledge of exceptional therapists she now considers her mentors.

To Amanda, the needs of her clients sit at the core of her practise, creating comprehensive treatment plans that are uniquely designed to those needs. Comfort, safety, and trust form the pillars of Amanda’s treatment style to deliver the support clients need to heal, grow, and feel empowered towards a healthy life.

Amanda is incredibly proud to be a part of the Geelong Chiropractic team alongside incredible multi-disciplined professionals unique in their practise, but united in their vision.

Always on a quest to gather insight into the human spirit, Amanda once travelled for two weeks on horseback through the Siberian Forest to find a reindeer tribe living in teepees.

As much as this sounds like a plot for a Disney film, we promise you, it’s a true story!

Tori Hardy 

Practice Manager/ Health Coach

download (2)Tori has grown up and lived in Geelong her entire life, taking walks along the stunning beaches and always managing time for a good shopping spree at local stores. The notorious travel bug bit her early, and she spent five months backpacking around Europe, absorbing different cultures and meeting incredible people along the way.

Tori has always been drawn to the health industry with a keen curiosity and passion for learning about how our bodies function and can take a natural approach to healing. This thirst for knowledge is currently seeing her undertake a Diploma of Health and Wellbeing.

As a Chiropractic Assistant, Tori spins a lot of very important plates at Geelong Chiropractic, from streamlining admin processes and increasing efficiency to providing support and clarity to both our team and our clients.

Outside the clinic, you can catch Tori travelling, spending time with her partner and fur babies.

Ford Barnes

Personal Training

Ford Barnes

Ford’s Story

From the small town of Anakie to the Strongman competition stage, Ford has always gravitated toward strength training and investing in his pursuit of fitness.

Ford grew up in a busy household as the youngest of 8 children (with 7 older sisters). He spent his early years playing local football, competing in table tennis at a State level, and watching The World’s Strongest Man competitions on TV, imagining himself competing one day.

In a few short years after graduating high school and joining his local gym, Ford experienced the transformational benefits of strength training firsthand. It quickly became his life goal as a Personal Trainer to help as many people as possible to be stronger, move better, and improve daily living.

Ford’s in-depth knowledge and experience in strength training help guide his hand in creating a roadmap to pain-free movement for his clients. He leaves no stone unturned in gathering the details his clients’ pain journey and forms a customised home or gym-based program to increase mobility, strength, target every problem area, and celebrate every goal scored.

Ford started out as a patient of Geelong Chiropractic and has always been an admirer of the friendly knowledge and expert treatment the team delivers. So, when the opportunity to join the clinic family presented itself, he leaped, and is thrilled to be serving the Geelong Community alongside the team at Geelong Chiropractic.

Ford loves spending his time working on his personal and fitness goals, and spending time with his large family, who were kind enough to give him six middle names when he was born.
We’ll give a chocolate to the person who can guess them all.


Emotional Support Dog: Luna

download (1)

Luna is a rescue Great Dane cross and is the baby of Dr Hannah. You will often see her in the back rehab room chilling out and giving moral support to clients as they correct their various movement issues!