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A Unique Approach at Geelong Chiropractic

Dr Hannah Pickford (Chiropractor) prides herself on the fact that practice sets itself apart from others, because she is the only sports-focused nutritional chiropractor in the Geelong area. Situated close to Geelong Hospital, she and her team work extensively with athletes across a wide range of sporting disciplines and regularly treat CrossFit related injuries such as shoulder pain, tendinitis, ankle injury and lower back disc pathology.

“My aim is always to get athletes to avoid injury, preform better and recover faster.”

At Geelong Chiropractic, we place great emphasis on preventative healthcare, believing that pro-active care is better than re-active care. Our broad-based approach is unique in that it places a very specific focus on lifestyle and nutritional changes in order to maximise results.

Practice Philosophy

Relief or wellness care... it's your choice.

Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

“My life mission is to improve the way that people eat, move and think, in order to be healthy.”
– Dr Hannah Pickford (Chiropractor)

While athletes comprise a large portion of our patient demographic, we also work extensively with a much wider range of clients.

From tradesmen and families, to office-workers suffering from postural imbalance, our team offers personalised solutions for a wide variety of lifestyle-related, health issues.

Focus On You

Hannah and her team work together to help you identify and rectify problematic lifestyle habits, to aid you in maintaining your chiropractic adjustments and to allow you to become a healthier, energetic and more wholesome you!

We’d love to share with you the transformative power of chiropractic.

To schedule your first visit, call us today at (03) 5229 5620.