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Meet Dr Hannah Pickford (Chiropractor)


A Passion to Maximise Potential

Dr Hannah Pickford (Chiropractor) is a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Health and wellness were always second nature to her, having grown up as the daughter of a chiropractor. It comes as no surprise then, that Hannah’s passion lies in getting people to maximise their potential naturally.

“It is always such a rewarding and wonderful thing to see people achieving those goals that they didn’t think were possible.”

Hannah describes seeing patients transcend illness and dysfunction, to find their natural, optimal health, as the most satisfying part of her profession.

A Holistic Approach to Patient Care

“We need to treat the body as a whole and not as separate parts.”

Hannah emphasises a drug-free, natural approach to illness. Her whole-person approach to healthcare encompasses nutritional and dietary support. Our all-natural health food shop on-site at Geelong Chiropractic offers an extensive range of products from supplements, vitamins and fermented vegetables, to probiotics and self-help books. And Hannah specialises in sports-related chiropractic care, but also provides a variety services and techniques to meet the specific needs of all of her patients.

Here to Help You

A former All-Australian basketball player and martial arts enthusiast, Hannah strives to show people that they deserve health and vitality. She is a firm believer that with the right changes in lifestyle and diet we can all flourish and achieve optimal health.

At Geelong Chiropractic, we would love the opportunity to help you be the healthiest version of you.

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